Why our solar company?

Our expertise offers a unique advantage

Roofing and solar technology work together. When you install both as a single project with Golden Group Solar, you experience a distinct advantage.

Our approach provides the ultimate quality and customer experience, with solar installation by roofing experts, a single point of contact, and the assurance of accurate solar installation without roof leaks. As part of the award-winning Golden Group Roofing family, we offer unparalleled expertise for the total package.

If it’s time to invest in solar, it’s time to make the smart move with Golden Group.

Why choose Golden Group when you want solar on your new roof?

Rooftop solar power saves homeowners money, reduces their carbon footprint, and increases property values. Installation costs may be substantial, but residential solar power is an overall financial win, especially with tax incentives and rebates that can reduce installation costs by an average of 30%. Golden Group Solar will help you get the most from your investment in rooftop solar.

All roofs experience wear and tear, and no roof lasts forever. Living in New England, your roof gets exposed to harsh weather, UV rays, and other sources of deterioration. Award-winning Golden Group has options for every budget. Our consultants will work with you to meet your needs for increasing energy efficiency, weather protection, curb appeal, reduced maintenance, and other criteria.

Your solar panels are attached directly to your roof, so improper installation can cause leaks. In fact, that’s the most common complaint we hear from customers who have used other solar companies. Protect your home, family, and belongings. Minimize the risk of leaks by hiring the company that knows your roof and how to protect it when installing solar panels.

Solar installation directly impacts the health of your roof, so doesn’t it make sense to use a solar company with expertise in roofing?

We think so.

Golden Group’s complete roofing and solar PV solution is unique in the industry. Our innovative all-in-one roofing and solar process is an advantage no other solar company has, and we’re proud of it—because it’s the best solution for our customers.

When you hire us, one coordinated team of experts installs your roof and solar panels at the same time, with full transparency about the process. A single project manager handles your questions–about roofing, solar, service, billing, or any other concern. Solar is new to many of our customers, and we want to make you comfortable with the technology and our process. We know that sizable home improvements can be complicated, and our goal is to make investing in your home a positive experience.

The Golden Group advantage eliminates the risk of:

  • Roof damage and leaks
  • Craftsmanship mistakes
  • Voided warranties
  • Compromised tax credits
  • Miscommunication

We won’t leave you guessing about what’s happening. We assign a solar project manager to ensure your project stays on schedule, progressing seamlessly from the first phone call and proposal through system turn-on. The PM will keep in touch with you regularly to communicate project status and to answer your questions throughout the process.

Massachusetts and localities have regulations in place to ensure the roof’s structural capacity for solar, safe solar installation, and proper connection to the electric grid. System activation can be delayed if permitting approvals and required documentation aren’t handled on time.

We don’t let that happen.

Our experts are well-versed in the solar PV permitting process and will ensure compliance with all electrical and building codes. We pull permits even before going up on the roof so you can get solar benefits as early as possible. With everything taken care of in advance, your panels will be swiftly activated once installation is complete. Our permit-first process can get you connected several months quicker than other solar companies that install the panels first–only to have them remain inactive while getting the necessary approvals.

We guarantee protection with our registered 50-year warranty on your roof. 

Workmanship is a significant component in how well a new roof performs, especially when installing solar panels. Without accurate installation, even the best roofing systems can fail to perform. While we use premium roofing materials, any brand can have occasional defects. Choose Golden Group, a company that offers both material and workmanship roof warranties.

We value a transparent and collaborative installation process that reflects our commitment to our customers. Allow us to be part of your investment in the thing that matters most–your family’s home and safety.   

Our growing list of awards reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence in every part of our business.   

  • Reliability and accountability
  • Consumer protection and warranty
  • Premium products and installation
  • Investment in staff and crew training
  • Performance and customer service

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Check out our local Boston & Worcester roofing company awards to see why we’re #1. With our transparent process, seamless customer experience, and fully trained roofing crew, it’s no wonder our customers consider us the best roofing company in Massachusetts.

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The making of a certified solar contractor.

We have maintained triple-excellence awards in consumer protection, installation and training for six years and counting.


The Reliability pathway is for contractors that have a long history of offering their customers the best quality and protection.


The Performance pathway is for contractors that participate in activities that focus on giving their customers the best possible service, protection and quality.


The Service pathway is for contractors that consistently offer their customers the best possible warranty protection

Solar ready roof

Our team approaches each solar panel installation project with a roofer’s eye. The integrity of your roof and the structure under it is our top concern. While we want you to benefit from solar panels, we want to make sure your roof can integrate the Solar PV System. 

Solar ready roof

Our team approaches each solar panel installation project with a roofer’s eye. The integrity of your roof and the structure under it is our top concern. While we want you to benefit from solar panels, we want to make sure your roof can integrate the Solar PV System.