IronRidge Aire™ Flush Mount System

Accelerated installations for residential solar racking

Solar energy is the way forward for New England homeowners who care about sustainable energy and long-term savings. When you need a new roof, go solar the smart way with top quality materials—such as IronRidge Aire Flush Mount Systems. Award-winning Golden Group is the only company that installs a fully integrated roof and solar solution, with top-of-the-line products, a single expert crew, and unsurpassed customer support throughout the process. The result? Long-lasting roof protection, optimal solar efficiency, and happy customers.

As Boston Metro’s most trusted roofing and solar contractor, we do what’s right for our customers, always. We care about you, your home, and our continued service to New England homeowners.

IronRidge Aire Flush Mounting Systems for long-term performance

Get a safe, watertight roof with all the benefits of solar power with Golden Group. Typical solar companies may not understand the best way to attach panels to the roof—because they’re not roofing experts. Too often, they puncture the roofing structure, with the homeowner dealing with the hassle and cost of roof repairs afterwards. It’s unclear if the problem is caused by the roofer or your solar installer, leaving the customer in a bind.

Golden Group is different. We stand behind our workmanship and high-quality components like IronRidge Aire for worry-free results.

Golden Group Team

A single contractor for premium service

Your new solar PV system is an investment, and we help you achieve the maximum benefit. Golden Group designs and installs a complete roof and solar solution that will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry all year round. We stand behind our workmanship and products with the best guarantees in the business for customer assurance.

What is the IronRidge Aire Flush Mount Racking System?

Simply put, a solar racking system, or solar panel mount, is designed to support a solar array on any surface. Rooftop racking systems affix the panels to the roof while reducing the weight of the solar panels. They are dual purpose, protecting both the roof and the PV panels. We install IronRidge Aire Flush Mount Systems for maximum durability and safety.

How does the IronRidge Aire flush mount system work?

IronRidge Aire systems lay flush with the roof surface to which they are mounted. They work with any type of system, are suitable for high wind areas, are flexible in the panel slope and orientation, and provide minimal interference with roof drains.

Flush mounts are secured using metal clips that hold the panel in place, leaving about 2-4 inches of space between the roof and bottom of the panel for airflow along the underside of the panels. This space prevents the panels from overheating, allows them to operate efficiently, and enables them to reach their full life expectancy. 

Enphase Energy Microinverters
Racking System on top of roof

The quality of the mounting system matters

Typical roofs are not designed for the heavy load of solar panels, making them a critical component for the durability and safety of your solar PV system. For example, if your solar design calls for 20 panels, your roof must hold 500-800 extra pounds of dead weight. A high-quality flush mount is the best assurance that the load will not cause safety or performance issues.

The benefits of IronRidge Aire flush mount racking systems

Boston area homeowners deserve the best solar system components, making IronRidge Aire our choice of racking systems. IronRidge Flush Mount Systems are rail-based system for mounting solar modules on pitched roofs, using rails and other components that support extreme wind and snow loads. Each system uses only aluminum and stainless steel components to ensure complete corrosion resistance.

The IronRidge Aire Flush Mount Racking System has been carefully crafted to streamline every part of the installation process. Its strength, reliable performance, and ISO certification for quality management systems add up to a racking system that stands above the rest.  

IronRidge designs and tests every product in the most extreme conditions possible, certifies them for compliance with the latest engineering and building codes, and backs them with a 25-year warranty.

UL 2703 Certified Mounting

All components have been thoroughly proven to meet or exceed UL standards.

Intertek Satellite Lab Status

Constant, industry-leading testing is conducted in our certified facility.

Quality Management Systems

SCB™ Certified to ISO 9001, maintaining the highest of quality management standards.

Strength Tested

All components have been evaluated for superior structural performance.

UL 2703 Listed System

Entire system and components meet the UL 2703 standard for solar racks.

Approved Cable Tray

Open rail channel conforms to NEMA VE 1, certified for holding PV cables.

Class A Fire Rating

Certified to maintain the fire resistance rating of the existing roof.

PE Certified

Pre-stamped engineering letters are available in most states.

25-Year Warranty

Products guaranteed to be free of impairing defects.

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