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Our all-in-one solar installation process delivers exceptional results

The solar installation process takes special roofing skill, because Solar PV systems don’t just sit on the roof. They are part of an integrated system with shared components. Other residential solar companies don’t know your roof, which can lead to punctures and other installation problems. The result is a leaky roof, causing the homeowner hassles and future repair costs.

We do it differently.

At Golden Group Solar, our award-winning roofers install your solar PV system and your new roof at the same time, for an all-in-one solar installation process. Solar-only companies come in after another company has already installed the roof, creating vulnerability to leaks.

Combining expert roof and solar installation allows us to properly prepare your roof, accurately install the solar PV array, and thoroughly seal the entire system. With roof systems and solar arrays each lasting around 25 years, you can replace them together as they age out.

As part of the award-winning Golden Group Roofing family, we are known for excellence and innovation throughout New England. Our highly trained roofers follow industry best practices and avoid solar installation mistakes, ensuring your roof remains watertight for years to come.

Enphase Energy Microinverters Installation
Solar Installation in Cambridge by Golden Group Roofing

Golden Group Solar customers get a comprehensive solar and roofing solution:

  • One integrated system combines your solar and roofing project.
  • Homeowners deal with one local company that executes your entire project. 
  • Golden Group Solar has long-term responsibility for both the roof and solar PV system.
  • The roof warranty won’t be invalidated by a solar installer that isn’t a roofing expert.
  • Roofing and solar systems are each designed to last about 25 years, making combined installation the ideal solution.  

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It’s the right time to get behind solar power

It’s time to get onboard. Massachusetts is a high-adopting state for solar power, ranking 8th in the nation.

We understand why Massachusetts residents are eager to move forward with their solar plans. They want lower electric bills, less reliance on the electrical grid, increased property values, and a smaller carbon footprint. Installation costs may be substantial, but solar is an overall financial win, especially with tax incentives and rebates that can reduce installation costs by an average of 30%.

Our customers have different needs and price points. We will find a solar option to meet your criteria and budget.

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Solar Installation in Southborough by Golden Group Roofing

Hire our roofing experts for the safest solar installation process

A roof structure that is damaged can’t properly support a solar array. Solar installers that aren’t expert roofers can do improper roof preparation, starting work unaware of often hidden problems such as leaks, improper ventilation, damaged shingles, and other roof issues. If a solar installer begins work after a new roof has been installed, incomplete knowledge of the roof can also lead to damage.  

Roof leaks following solar installation may even require removing and reinstalling solar panels. In that case, who takes responsibility for the costs of solar panel removal, roof repair, and reinstallation of the solar array—the homeowner’s roofer or the solar installer? How are insurance matters resolved? These
are problems our customers don’t have to face with the Golden Group solar installation process.

One integrated solar installation process with total accountability

We make sure your roof is up
to the challenge of solar

Golden Group Solar follows the best roofing and solar installation practices in the industry by installing solar at the time of re-roofing, using experienced roofing professionals. We know your roof, we know solar, and we are responsible for the entire project—with total accountability. That’s the Golden Group Advantage.

One integrated process with total accountability

We make sure your roof is up to the challenge of solar

Golden Group Solar follows the best roofing and solar installation practices in the industry by installing solar at the time of re-roofing, using experienced roofing professionals. We know your roof, we know solar, and we are responsible for the entire project—with total accountability. That’s the Golden Group Advantage.

Our 6-step leak-proof solar installation process

Golden Group expertly installs your roof and solar array—without the fear of roof leaks. Our 6-step fail-proof process keeps your solar-powered home water tight like no other solar company can.

We begin by stripping the roof down to the decking, exposing the rafters to which the solar racking is attached.

Our precise measurements determine where to locate attachments so that the racking system can be correctly connected to the roof’s rafters.

We add an extra layer of ice and water to provide a protective leak-proof shield under the entire solar array.

We install our racking manufacturer’s three-tier water sealing attachment directly onto the first layer of accurately marked shingles.

We install a second layer of shingles on top of the racking attachment, without causing damage to the original shingles.

Once we install the racking and solar panels, we let the sealants in the roofing shingles adhere to one another, creating a leak free system warranted for 25 years by our roofing manufacturer.

When considering solar panel installation in Boston and beyond, trust your local roofer to handle the project for you. From start to finish, we make sure your system is installed according to the highest standards while protecting your roof and home.

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Solar-only companies can’t compare with Golden Group

No one can match Golden Group Solar for roof-safe installation

Lack of precision can cause roof leaks. Unlike Golden Group’s precision measurement process, typical solar installers use an inaccurate “tap and listen” method to locate the rafters, running the risk of excess penetrations, damaged rafters, and faulty attachment of mounting racks.

Solar installation after roofing can cause leaks. Our integrated process keeps roofing materials safe. Our integrated roofing and solar installation process keeps roofing materials safe. Solar-only companies pry up roofing shingles to install solar footings and force flashing underneath the uplifted shingles. These steps can disrupt the adhesive, compromising sealing capacity and causing premature aging.   

We plan for success

Enjoy a safe, stress-free, solar installation process

Home improvements can be stressful, with lots of bumps in the road. Poor planning can create delays, mistakes, and miscommunication. We reduce the stress with an established plan that ensures a smooth process, transparency, and on-time completion.   

Golden Group Solar Estimate Process

Not all homes in New England are suitable for solar. To start the process, we initially measure key factors such as direct exposure to the sun, the amount of shade, and position to the sun. Our analysis will determine if your home is well-positioned to maximize the benefits of a solar installation.

Golden Group Solar will estimate your future savings by reviewing recent electricity usage, seasonal fluctuations, current electricity price, generation, supply, and other relevant metrics.

Your Home is Unique. We use sophisticated tools to evaluate your current and anticipated energy needs. We produce a comprehensive solar design and project estimate based on factors including your home’s exact geographic location, climate and sun exposure, shade, home elements, roof condition, structural capacity of the roof, available roof size, electrical capacity, energy consumption, and costs. We will also consider the efficiency and usage of appliances, the burdens of heating and cooling, the habits of the residents, and the lighting systems.

Your lifestyle is more than a set of data. We’ll also explore how future lifestyle changes or home improvement plans may affect your home and energy needs. We explore relevant issues such as if you might want to add an addition for a growing family, cool down by adding central air conditioning, or plan to house one or more electric vehicles.

Golden Group will give you a transparent estimate on the solar PV system’s expected energy output and the cost of the system we recommend. We will also help you identify the federal, state, and local incentives and rebates available to offset your initial investment. Our detailed financial analysis will determine how long it will take to start seeing financial returns, plus we will provide an ROI calculator to help you make informed decisions based on how long you intend to stay on the property.

If you choose to move forward, our project manager will visit your property to ensure the plan is correct and no adjustments are needed. Key elements of the site analysis include:

  • Verification of available roof planes
  • Determination of sun and shading due to trees, etc.
  •  Evaluation of any obstructions that may affect the installation or operation
  • Validation of the roof orientation
  •  Inspection of the electrical system
  • Assessment of the condition of the attic, beams, and plywood

We will move to the contract stage once the project manager has completed the site survey and approved the design plan. We strive for complete transparency to avoid surprises during or after the project. Your contract will include a detailed quote for materials and labor, plus information on our warranty.

We take care of it all. Our team will handle all permitting and certificates to assure compliance with your utility company. We’ll collect your meter number, account number, and contact information to get approval from the utility company when your solar installation is ready.

We prioritize transparency, communication, and customer service

Surprises are no fun when it comes to investments in your home, so we keep you informed every step of the solar installation process—from initial consultation and planning to roof construction and solar installation.

After we install your roof and solar system, the Golden Group team continues to provide the highest level of service. As a Golden Group customer, you will have a single point of contact for your roof and solar installation. Your project coordinator can answer any question you have along the way. Instead of receiving pricing and bills by several companies, our streamlined billing covers both.

The Golden Group Solar advantage makes it easy

Our solar installation process makes it easy for you to get the maximum advantage from your roofing and solar installation. The all-in-one Golden Group Solar process assures the highest quality workmanship for a long-lasting roof, leak protection, and optimal energy production for your home and family. 

With the GGS advantage, you’ll work with a single team of experts that cares about your installation process, listens to your concerns, and is ready to answer your ongoing questions.

Solar Installation in Hopkinton by Golden Group Roofing

Learn more about the solar company you can trust

Our solar team is here to answer questions about solar PV and the services we offer.

We invite you to find more about the Golden Group Solar advantage or request a free consultation.

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